Class Testimonials

“Classes with Kelly are so much more than just child birth education. We were given great information about breastfeeding, what to expect right after birth, basic new born care and understanding why our baby may cry (Period of PURPLE Crying). We highly recommend these classes to everyone expecting a baby.”

May 06, 2016

“Kelly was great! So informative and up-to-date in childbirth options for safe delivery of our baby. I feel so excited now for my upcoming birth. Loved the hand outs and books that we were able to continue to prepare after the classes for our upcoming delivery. This was money well spent.”

May 05, 2016

“I feel so much more prepared, educated and confident about my upcoming birth. Learning about various options that are safe in labour make me feel as though will have more control.”

March 03,2016

“As a second time Mom, I really felt like I ought to know it all when it came to childbirth and delivery but as due date approached I realized I had forgotten much of the prenatal and postnatal care as well as the all important labor and delivery techniques and tricks. Considering I didn’t have time to commit to weeks of Lamaze class, which I did the first time, I contacted Kelly to see if she could help. Kelly was kind enough to tailor a course to suit mine and a few friends timeframe and objectives and she was even flexible enough to come to our homes to conduct the sessions. After the course I felt confident and more relaxed going into labor and delivery and all in all very much relieved. Would recommend Kelly’s course to anyone to help put your mind at ease”

January 02, 2016