Breastfeeding and Postpartum Testimonials

Thank you so much for all your help. We learned more from you in 15 minutes than we had from any doctors, nurses or midwives throughout my pregnancy / the 4 days after Callum was born before we called you. You put our minds at ease and as first time parents made us feel confident that we were doing the right things for Callum. I cannot thank you enough.

Abbey Moorhead
March 2016

After leaving the hospital as a first time mum, I quickly found myself in excruciating pain trying to feed my little girl and 3 days after coming home I was so engorged and swollen that my baby couldn’t latch on at all. I contacted The Baby Whisperers on Facebook on the Sunday and that evening I had a call from Kelly talking me through what I should do to ease the pain and swelling ahead of her visit the very next day (I was lucky that it was a quiet time).

When Kelly arrived and saw the state of my poor breasts she saw that no only was I engorged, i was also close to developing mastitis. I was given antibiotics from my doctor but with the help of Kelly and her advice and support, I was able to clear the blocked ducts myself and a week later I am back to breast feeding my baby pain free. Between her visits Kelly also checked up on me and answered any questions I had daily. Having no family on island this support really helped me through a tough time.

Having to feed my baby formula was upsetting to me, but at no point did Kelly make me feel bad for not being able to exclusively breast feed, Everything she did and advised was to help to ease the pain and to get me emotionally and physically back on track to the outcome that I wanted.

Having Kelly come out to my house when the pain prevented me from wanting to go anywhere was perfect too.

By the 3rd session I was feeling in a much better place and was also able to pick Kellys brains on other newborn topics.

I cannot recommend Kelly and the Baby Whisperers enough! They have made the whole breastfeeding experience so positive for me after I felt it was all over and they are worth every single penny.

Thank you Kelly, for everything you have done.

Ria Scott-Blyth
February 2016

I first heard about the Baby Whisperers when a friend of mine had her first baby over a year ago. She sang their praises and the seed was firmly planted in my mind that we would be using their services when our little one arrived. My sister had had problems breastfeeding and after receiving little support, ended up back in hospital after becoming very unwell with mastitis. I knew that I wanted to try and breastfeed and, being away from family, I wanted to get all the support I could get to give it the best possible chance. When I discussed the Baby Whisperers with my husband, his initial response was “Why don’t we wait and see how it goes first? You might not need any help”. But thankfully he supported my decision and I made contact with Kelly during my third trimester and signed up.

My breastfeeding journey got off to a difficult start as my nipples became extremely sore very quickly. As my nipples are flat, my little boy was having problems latching properly. After spending the whole second night in the hospital trying to feed him, my nipples were given quite a beating and after just two days they were cracked and painful. I had wonderful support and encouragement in the hospital from the lovely midwives but was thankful that I would be receiving further support at home.

Kelly came round the day we left hospital. After moments of her being in our home, she felt like an old friend…she even made friends with our crazy dog who is not a big fan of people! From the start she offered nothing but encouragement. She advised me to use a nipple shield to help with the soreness and to help my little one to latch on. Straight away he was feeding like a trooper and I was happy.

A few days after leaving the hospital, we became concerned about a bump on the back of our baby’s head. We called Kelly for advice and she came straight round to our house, at 8pm on a Saturday night. After discussion with Kelly we decided to take our one week old baby to Accident and Emergency that night. Thankfully he was fine, but having that immediate support, both professionally and emotionally from Kelly, was invaluable to us at that time.

After two weeks of breastfeeding, I developed a fever and body aches. My left breast became extremely sore and swollen and there was a hard lump in it. I called Kelly for advice and she immediately suspected it was mastitis. She was able to order a prescription for me and come round that evening so I was able to get started on the antibiotics and begin treating the infection straight away. Following her advice for ways I could ease the blockage, combined with the antibiotics, meant I was feeling much better within a couple of days.

In the short time that Kelly spent with us she shared my tears and my laughter and I felt like she was right there on every step with me! That week I found out that my mum had breast cancer and having Kelly’s emotional support during this time was invaluable.

Towards the end of Kelly’s time with us, my husband turned to me and said, “You know, it’s not often I admit that you were right; but you were right on this one-hiring Kelly was a fantastic decision”. Both my husband and I would recommend Kelly without hesitation to any new parents. Our little one is now 3 months old and the breastfeeding is still going well. I will be forever grateful to Kelly for all her help and support.

Rebecca Wilson
April 2015

Baby Whisperers was a life saver for me. I am a first time mom, who had no real experience with babies per say, so, I decided to contact Baby Whisperers because I wanted to breastfeed my baby; although I had very little knowledge about it. At first, I contacted Kelly just wanting information on how to use a breast pump and so forth, but Kelly made me feel so comfortable that I decided to ask her about almost EVERYTHING about babies, lol. She was so well informed and that fact that she was a mom and a nurse made it ever better because she was able to give me her opinion as a nurse and a mom. Kelly made me feel so comfortable and confident that I felt like I was talking to one of my good friends. She was very supportive when I decided to supplement some of my baby’s feeding with formula because I couldn’t keep up with her demands. At first, I was very upset about this because initially, I wanted my baby to be exclusively breastfed, but Kelly always reminded me that, “If mommy isn’t happy, baby isn’t happy and at the end of the day, both of us have to be happy” and she was so right. If you are looking for someone, who you can relate to and who will make you feel like you can conquer the world, Kelly is your girl! Thank you so much for everything Kelly; you have no idea how much you have help me.

Jodi Exctain-Obando
June 2014

This past February, my husband and I welcomed our first child into our family. Once the initial shock and excitement wore off, the realisation set in that we were bringing this perfect little person home with us whose care and well-being was entirely in our hands. While this moment could have been daunting for any sleep-deprived new parents, we instead felt confident and prepared since we had hired Baby Whisperers to help ease us into our transition as parents.

Kelly first visited us in the hospital to ensure that my son and I were off to a strong start with breastfeeding. Her presence and support only grew from there. Once home from the hospital, she came to our house daily for the first week and was able to answer the growing list of questions that my husband and I had as first-time parents.

I looked forward to Kelly’s visits each day because she filled a huge gap that existed with our families so far away. Her visits were like having a chat with a close friend and I instantly felt at ease with her. It was comforting to see her arrive each day with her scales in hand. She was here to check-in on my little boy…and my husband and I as well. Kelly celebrated alongside us with every ounce that our son gained and cheered us on during any obstacles that we faced and helped us overcome them.

Now, six months after my sons’ birth, I feel confident with breastfeeding and recommend Kelly and Baby Whisperers to all of my expecting friends. It’s an incredible source of comfort knowing that someone is coming to check-in on you during those early days in the privacy and comfort or your own home. I also appreciated her willingness to answer questions we had regardless of the time, day or night.

Kelly made sure our little boy was healthy and growing, and also listened and offered her support, guidance and reassurance while we found our stride. Her presence provided us with confidence in ourselves and helped us become the parents we are today. We cannot thank her or recommend the Baby Whisperers enough.

Stacey Ward
August 18th, 2014

After giving birth to our daughter and leaving the hospital I immediately felt overwhelmed and really unsure of myself! No amount of books or baby websites can give you the confidence that you need to look after a newborn but that’s what Kelly was able to instil in me with her personal and kind approach. Kelly. She was our savior! She immediately put us at ease, even during that first emotional call late on a Friday night! She was so encouraging and gave us so much helpful guidance and support. I looked forward to her calling to see us as it was like having an old friend or a sister drop by. Kelly always made time for us and I never felt rushed ever either on our calls or during her visits. She helped with everything from bathing to breastfeeding…even how to use those very confusing baby carriers!!

I now feel so much more confident and relaxed as a mother and I know that wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for Kelly! I would highly recommend new parents to use this service!!

Siobhan O’Sullivan
May 21st, 2014

“Having a baby is life changing!

It can be a very scary experience and a major adjustment for everyone involved when the new baby goes home.

Having read everything I could to be prepared for bringing baby home, I thought it would be easy enough as babies don’t need much, at least not initially. We were surprised by the early arrival of our little bundle of joy and caring for a premature baby is terrifying. Our baby spent 2.5 weeks in the hospital and we were comfortable enough when we left since everything went smoothly every time we cared for him at the hospital. As soon as we got home things changed. Within a few days I realised I desperately needed help and reached out to Baby Whisperers. It seemed as if nothing was going the way we thought it would. I found comfort in knowing Kelly was a NICU nurse and that she had lots of experience with premature babies including having one of her own. She immediately set my mind at ease and assured me I was doing a good job and that the best thing I could do for my baby was enjoy him and not worry too much. She offered sound advice and practical tips, particularly in relation to breast feeding, that I still use now that he’s 6 months old. She encouraged me to continue to keep trying but also assured me that I was not a bad mom if I just couldn’t do it. She did say “breast is best” but also said “baby needs happy parents”. Thanks to her advice I’m still breast feeding 6 months later when I wanted to quit after a few weeks. Kelly shared not just her professional knowledge but also her personal experiences as a mom. She spent several hours in our home and never once did I feel like she was a stranger. This is the type of service offered by Baby Whisperers and it was exactly what our family needed during this trying time.

Thanks Kelly!”

Keisha Keeling Miller
May 21st, 2014

This year I gave birth to our first child. After a rough second night in hospital dealing with my baby boys hunger & sleeplessness I was emotionally overwhelmed & went in search of some home help. The Baby Whisperers came recommended. Kelly visited my home everyday from the day we left hospital & after only her first visit, each consequent visit was like greeting an old friend. We are such a long way from home, family & friends that the personal & the professional support from Kelly took the edge off our isolation & mellowed the “newborn baby” pressure each day. Her advice was impartial, and always encouraging. In particular she gave me some much needed positive feedback on how our breast feeding was progressing. My little boy was doing a great job – but mum lacked some confidence. I strongly recommend the services of Baby Whisperers. Kelly continues to support us in little ways even now, long after the terms of any contract have expired. Obviously this work is a labour of love for the Baby Whisperers.

Elly Franks
October 26th, 2013

We recently used the services of the Baby Whisperers to help us to adjust to our role as new parents. Working with Kelly was great – she was professional and friendly and always made herself available to answer any questions we had. This greatly helped to calm our nerves and provided some reassurance that we were doing ok! In particular, we found Kelly’s help and advice regarding breastfeeding to be very beneficial. Overall, we really enjoyed and benefited from using the Baby Whisperers. This is a service we would highly recommend to other new parents in Cayman.

Ailbhe Kane
October 14th, 2013

It took all of five minutes after bringing our daughter, Jocelyn Rae, home for us to have that ‘HOLY CRAP!’ moment. The one where you realize you’re totally responsible for a little person now. We had friends and family who were nice enough to fly down to Cayman to help us but for the majority of her first seven weeks, we were on our own. We didn’t know what we were doing and we ended up letting her run the show. Unfortunately, by week six she was nursing for several hours at a time! I felt trapped in the nursing chair for 16 – 18 hours a day. Things like going to the bathroom or grabbing a bite to eat were impossible and I was a crying, snotty mess for several days before I noticed a post a friend of mine put up on facebook. It was an article that had been shared from the Baby Whisperers page. As I sat in my chair, stuck in the middle of another marathon nursing session, I thought maybe they could help. They were there that same night with loads of advice and tips for us to try. That was also the first night Jocelyn slept thru the night, thanks entirely to the Baby Whisperers! My baby girl now nurses for half an hour at a time and is sleeping like a log at night. I highly recommend Baby Whisperers to any struggling new parent and even those who are old pro’s for new and awesome ways to deal with those frustrating little moments your precious one may have. The Fullers THANK YOU Baby Whisperers!

October 11th, 2013

When I first heard about Baby Whisperers I was a little sceptical, after all, my mother was coming to help me out and I had read all the books and was going to follow Gina Ford’s Contented Baby guide, so what extra help and support would I need? However, the closer I got to my delivery day, and the more books I read, and the more people I spoke to I just got more and more confused about what was ‘right’. When I heard Kelly speak at the parenting class at GT hospital, I really liked what she said and decided to have a further chat with her about the services Baby Whisperers offer… I’m so glad I did!
From my 1st consultation with Kelly, I was impressed. The fact that she had a medical background as well and real life experience as a mother really made me like her approach to motherhood. She was able to help me out with everything from the setup of my nursery and how to use my car seat, to breast feeding and purchasing my breast pump. She always had time for me, and answered all my questions (and there were A LOT of questions!), and anything she didn’t know, she went away and researched and got back to me.
Having Kelly’s help and support gave me the reassurance that things my baby and I were experiencing were ‘normal’ and that I wasn’t a failure because I wasn’t able to implement some of the schedules the books suggested. I will always be grateful for the support Kelly provided and highly recommend Baby Whisperers to all new mothers.

Farah Joo
September 18th, 2013

Baby Whisperers helped me out so much. I had a 16 month old when my second child was born. I was not getting any sleep and needed to reassured on the babies sleep habits/routines. I contacted Kelly, and Claire came over and spent some time with me. She went over ways to soothe my baby, and helped me with ways to encourage him to fall asleep on his own. It was very reassuring for me to hear it from someone in person. As a parent you read all the books, but there’s something about speaking with someone so knowledgable about babies. Claire has two of her own children and gave me some tips I haven’t heard of. Thank you Baby Whisperers for your help!

Courtney Imparato Burke
July 11th, 2013

Our daughter arrived 2 weeks before my parents had booked to fly out to Cayman to help, so we engaged the Baby Whisperers to help us for those first 2 weeks, and were so glad we did. Kelly’s help with breastfeeding in particular was invaluable and her knowledgeable advice on all other aspects of caring for a newborn helped make us much more confident, which we are sure has made for a calmer and happier baby. Of all the money we spent preparing for a new baby, this was some of the best spent. I cannot recommend this service highly enough to other new parents.
Katie Pearson
July 6th, 2013

As a soon to be new mum, as I think most are, I was very nervous for the beginning of our new lives together… how was I going to manage once we came home from the hospital. The hospital where I only had to press a button and a lovely nurse/midwife came to assist in any way possible! Sure I have wonderful friend’s on island who were once new Mum’s and all gave magical offers of help and advice! Sure I had read and read as many books as possible about bathing and sleeping and nappy changing but reading will only get you so far And as I’m sure we have all learned, reading can only make you more confused at times… this book says do it this way and another book says no do it that way. Really, I just want to know how to make it through the day and night keeping my baby safe, clean and happy SO I was so relieved when I discovered Baby Whisperers! Or rather they discovered me. Kelly found me and my huge belly bobbing and waddling around Kirks. Kelly came to visit me in the hospital the day after my baby was born. She instantly put me at ease just by talking and spending a short time with me and the baby. Then, for the next 2 weeks or so the amazing Claire came to my rescue visiting the house often and answering my 9 million text messages! Claire was an amazing baby coach as I would call it! She helped me with all my worries and concerns, with breast feeding, with bathing, changing, the belly button! sleeping habits, the list could go on. After each visit I felt a bit more confident that I could do this. And in reference to the comment Kelly posted this morning… Claire, of course, always shared what she thought was the best way to approach something but at the same time she was always open to ideas or methods that were different; without judgement. As we know, in Cayman we are a mixture of so many cultures and backgrounds and as a new mum with all the uncertainties this approach is a wonderful and important practice of the Baby Whisperers! And Kelly and Claire continue to be a reliable, friendly and caring source of advice whenever I am in need! I highly recommend the Baby Whisperers to all new mums!
Julia Buky Martins Silva
May 28th, 2013